Beatrice Carrot, President

In 2006 Beatrice had the honor of meeting Christian and Marie-France des Pallières, founders of “Pour un Sourire d’Enfant” during their French fundraising tour. Their outstanding effort and impact to elevate children from poverty to dignity in Cambodia compelled her to establish the US chapter of PSE (aka “For a Child’s Smile” ) when she relocated with her family of six in the the Bay Area. As President of “For a Child’s Smile”, Beatrice incessantly volunteered and worked towards converting the entity to a 501(c)(3), under the name “American Friends of PSE”, in 2020. Beatrice holds a Masters from EM Lyon Business School, and has contributed her in-depth knowledge to pro-profit as well as non-profit organizations over the last 20 years.

Louise dossin

Louise discovered South East Asia in 2003 while working in Vietnam and fell in love with Cambodia. After witnessing extreme poverty and the life-changing work “Pour un Sourire d’Enfant” was doing, she knew she would never forget. She attended business school in Paris and graduated with a Master’s in Purchasing, and moved to South Carolina in 2018 with her husband and their four children. From there, she decided to handle her professional conversion with a skills assessment and realized it was time to return to her first priority and her love: working for people through an organization that makes sense. After volunteering in a few places locally, she decided to join American Friends of PSE’s team in 2021 and bring her motivation and skills to help grow the organization in the United States.

Brigitte Zelenko

Brigitte was born in Lyon, France. Before moving to Washington DC in 2000, she worked for a French consultancy firm, Cegos, as a finance and banking consultant in Paris.
Since her arrival in the United States, she has worked for several non-profit entities as Treasurer or CFO. Alongside this work, Brigitte also paints and sculpts and has used her organizational skills to plan various art events. Brigitte joined PSE (For a child’s smile) in 2016 and has held the position of Treasurer ever since and was recently appointed Secretary of the Board

Delphine Magnier

Delphine was born in Marseille, France. A finance professional, Delphine moved to California in 2007 to serve as the Chief Financial Officer at, an eBay company. In 2015, she decided to follow her passion for food and entrepreneurship with a career change by co-founding and managing Les COOKettes catering company in San Francisco. She joined PSE (For a Child’s Smile) in 2021, as the Treasurer

Chloe Angel

Chloe grew up in Lyon, France, before relocating to North Carolina in 2016 to attend university, where she recently obtained a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. Chloe had known about PSE (For A Child’s Smile) for several years and jumped at the opportunity to help when she learned the organization was expanding in the US. A native English speaker, Chloe is also a member of the Board.