Special Education

The Adapted Teaching Section (ATS) takes care of about 40 children in 5 classes. The building has to be adapted to accommodate the use of wheelchairs in different spaces activity room for day care, rooms dedicated to rehabilitation: physiotherapy, occupational therapy, sensory room, speech therapy room…

AFPSE sent a $3,000 grant to enlarge door openings


Each empty can or bottle is worth 5 cents. By doing the same thing as children scavenging in the streets in Cambodia, California students returning empty beverage containers to redemption centers raised $8,000. This is equivalent to financing school meals for one week for 4,000 students!


ISTP donated 40 iPads 20 were repurposed with apps to teach maths in the remedial school and 20 as self-service tools for research in the Library.


Hairdressers from three different salons in San Mateo County offered to donate some of their very useful and expensive tools to the students of the hairdressing school. These tools will be donated to young graduates from the hairdressing school to help them get started in their new career.

Phnom Penh Express


Phnom Penh Express Banner

What is at stake?
The Covid crisis hits home–in Cambodia
Many Cambodian families that PSE supports are being hit hard by the Covid crisis. Because of the lockdown, even street vendors have had to stop working. On top of the usual issues of poverty that these families face, many have lost their jobs and are unable to provide even the basics for their families.

$25 pays for a monthly food care package for a family of four
PSE is launching its 2021 emergency food aid campaign, and AFPSE’s goal is to help by providing $5,000 to support 200 families. Similar to the PSE food relief program in 2020, the funds will first go to help those families most in need.

Food Distribution at PSE Center

Get out and get active–for a cause
If you feel it’s about time you got out and got active, help us raise funds. Have fun and connect with others while you do your favorite sport–or your second favorite!

You won’t do this alone
We’re bringing together donors from all over the country who–use your imagination here–will embark on an overland Cambodian trek–a virtual visit through Cambodia tallying 1,758 miles. The start and finish lines are at the PSE Center in Phnom Penh. We’ve titled this CRAZY, FUN AND CHARITABLE SPORTS CHALLENGE “THE PHNOM PENH EXPRESS.”
WHAT? 🚶🏃‍♀️ 🚴‍♂️ 🏊‍♀️

Cambodian Map with Walking Path

The Phnom Penh Express is a fun way to virtually tour Cambodia, along with a team of other runners, bikers, walkers or swimmers. Turn your workout into a chance to help those who are truly in need. Every 150 miles (give or take), we will post local sightseeing ideas and historical information to help you envision the terrain you’re passing through.
WHEN? ⏱️ 
Register: June 15th – June 30th, 2021
Late registration open until July 15th, 2021
Event: July 1st – July 31st
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Donations received from July 1st – August 15th, 2021 will be counted towards the food program.

Sport Event and Donation Schedule

WHO? 🧍
Picture yourself here in your sport gear!

Are You Ready for the PHNOM PENH EXPRESS?

Come along as we disembark on a journey together, a virtual adventure. Whether you’re a runner, walker, cyclist, swimmer or musher, we need your help and your vitality to help us raise funds so we can provide food for the families of PSE in Cambodia. Be a part of this challenge! Help families at PSE.
HOW?   🧰

  1. Sign up as a participant. You’ll be asked to upload your picture.
  2. Let people know about your  challenge by email and social media (sample HERE). Ask your friends and family to sponsor your effort.
  3. Run, walk, bike or swim and log your miles every week

We will keep track of the total mileage on the map and every 150 miles, we will post an update and indicate where we are on our virtual map and let you know how much we have raised.

1,758 Miles
Run, Walk, bike or Swim with Friends
Raise funds to provide food to PSE families in

Starting JULY 1st
Are you in?
We need $5,000
Let’s do it together!

Our Sponsor
NARY, the official sponsor of the Phnom Penh Express, will generously match contributions up to $2,500. Nary is a clothing brand whose mission is to give at-risk or survivors of exploitation dignified and livable employment through the manufacturing of their products. Their story is very inspiring, please check them out at naryresort.com.

Family Life Improvement Program

The “FLIP” (Family Life Improvement Programme) created in 2011 in partnership with We World, an Italian NGO, enables the parents of our children to increase their income and thereby limit child labour and school dropout rates.

Parents (80% of them mothers) are trained over 3 to 6 months in sewing, house cleaning or cooking. They are also being helped to find and keep decent jobs.

Some of our older students who have a hard time following a longer curriculum in our vocational training tracks are also benefiting from FLIP.

AFPSE will support this program with the purchase of $3,200 worth of kitchen equipment.