Race  for Rice 🍚

May 20th to June 20th

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The Phnom Penh Express is a virtual trek around Cambodia, by a team of runners, bikers, walkers or swimmers who turn their physical effort into a fundraising opportunity, to support Cambodian children and their families.

How To Join Us?




Goal Meter $7,200

$2552 $48
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What is at stake?

One third of all PSE families rely on Rice Compensation. The only reason their children can attend school is thanks to the Rice Program that provides the equivalent of lost children’s earnings in Rice. Children may work 12 hours a day in the heat, breaking stones, scavenging or selling items in the street and barely earn 50 cents in a day! When they attend school instead of working, PSE compensates the loss and at the same time makes sure that they will have something to eat at home!

Every Friday after school, kids will bring back home themselves the 8lbs rice they have earned by being present at school.

Rice Compensation for a family of 4: $12/month – $144/year

Our goal is to raise $7,200 and help 100 children go to school. That amount would cover the needs of 50 families for one year – almost 100 children (2 per families) would stop working and go to school instead!

Together we can raise $7,200 to give enough rice to 50 families for one year!

Our Sponsor
A Board Member will generously match contributions up to $2500


The “Paillottes” are lightweight classrooms that PSE establishes in the neighborhoods where children live and attend State Schools.
Many children are at risk of dropping out. Because of Covid, they could only attend school in person for 4 months over the last 21 months!
Since State school is on a half-day basis only in Cambodia, PSE School Support Classes will take place Monday through Friday in shifts (morning and afternoon) for the half day the children are not at state school. AFPSE funded renovation of Smile Village Paillottes – $12,290

The “Paillotes” also welcome young children in nurseries, which frees up older siblings to go to school and enable mothers to go work. AFPSE funded renovation of OBK Paillotte which is welcoming around 200 children in nursery classes.- $6,670

Rice compensation

Our families are so poor that they cannot afford to send their children to school and lose the income from their work. Rice 4 Class has been a cornerstone of PSE programs and includes the weekly distribution of 3.5kg of rice per child (sometimes more if necessary) to the most vulnerable families. $12/month is all it costs to ensure children can go to school… and have dinner when they come back home!

In 2022 (Jan.-Dec.), we are expecting that 1,050 families will need our help, which would require 378 tons of rice for the year (31.5 tons/month = 30kg/family/month on average).
A donation of $1,440 helps subsidize rice distributions for 10 families for an entire year.

Boarding School

PSE boarding school serves the needs of two types of children and young people.

  1. Some 160 children, who are at risk of violence at home (more than half of them girls), benefit from the safety and security of the boarding facility in our Phnom Penh Centre.
  2. 250 students, whose families live too far away to commute, can complete their education in our Vocational training programs.

Since, students are living on campus over the week-ends, they also participate in weekly cleaning and cooking chores and at the same time learn team work. They also enjoy extra-curricular activities and monthly outings.
American Friends of PSE’s grants funds boarding costs for 40 children on average every year.